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                               Armstrongs  Quality Motors    Founded 1959                                                  by Charles Armstrong II

We feel our success in this business stems from one thing,  selling the same type car as our competitors for less money.  Sometimes thousands less for the same unit.  Our overhead is low, with little to no advertisement and No salesman.  We have been in the same building for 50 years with no fancy offices.  You deal directly with the owner. And most of all,  we will do whatever it takes to trade or make a sale.            ''We love to make a deal.''   Its that simple.

Today we specialize in family type autos, with a selection of SUVs and 4 door pickup trucks. Our prices start at 1,995.00 and range to 29,995.00. We have the Auto locator - online with 50,000 cars available at wholesale cost everyday.  We can find you whatever you want, at a cost + 5% figure and have it delivered here.

Quality Motors was formed by Charlie Armstrong in May of 1959. Charlie had been general manager of Broadway Pontiac in Chicago prior, at that time the largest GM store in the US. He married Shirley Hancock of Owensboro in 1954, and they moved here in 57' when their first child was born. 

The original facility was on Main Street that had a billboard over it with a huge fist full of dollars 40 ft x 20ft , with the slogan ''Save a month's Pay. Buy your next car at Quality Motors ''!

Expanding his buisiness in the 70's to four stores with inventory of 150, sales boomed. In the 2000's they sold out all but one store, on the corner of 18th and Triplett st.  Charlie and Mark work out of this store today.

In the 80's Mark and Charlie started attending special interest auctions like Barrett-Jackson and Bloomington Gold sales.  They have bought and sold many celebrity cars, such as Princess Diana s Rolls Royce, and Speed Racer Movie car.  Even a replica of the 'Batmobile' and a Bugatti Royale.  Due to their connections in Nashville, they have had many country music celebrity cars, like George and Tammy s Riviera or Alan Jackson s Mercedes 600. They still go monthly to an auction somewhere, to buy and sell.  They rotate a special interest car to the showroom floor at the dealership every few weeks.

Charlie has been running the store for over 50 years and still shows up everyday. His son Mark took over Armstrong Investments in 07', taking care of all buisinesses, their property management warehouses, auctions, trucking, and farms.

Mark and Charlie have always been athletic and love basketball. There is one problem, Charlie is a UK Wildcats ticket holder and Mark is U of L Cardinals ticket holder. So if you want to talk basketball at Quality Motors, you will have to pick a side!

They both travel to the Mecum, Barrett-Jackson  and Sotheby's auctions buying antiques and classic cars. Always having 10 or more Corvettes and Rolls Royce autos. They also have a collection of Mechanical Antiques  like jukeboxes, pocket watches, firearms and slot machines for sale (check out that page).  Mark co-authored a price guide for ''special interest cars'' starting in 1983 thru 2009 , titled  ''C.A.R. Values'' , published and distributed by Hearst Media.  This annual guide lists actual prices of cars sold at auction, along with Mark's commentary about the rise, or fall, of each type of auto, over 6 million copies printed to date.  Mark is a nationally certified appraiser since 1989, and offers appraisal service for your antique cars or firearms, for insurance or bank loans.  NAAA # 018885

Only stocking 50 cars on the lot at a time, total sales are over 12,000 cars to date.  12,000 people can t be wrong!!!
We want to sell you your next car, truck or SUV.  If you want a special interest car for a reasonable price. Come on by , Mark or Charlie will be glad to help you with your next purchase.                    If they don t have it - they will get it   !!!

Charlie Armstrong Bio:

Born February of  32' in Cadiz Ky, Attended Trigg County High,and worked with his Dad and Grand Dad on the family farm .  He inlisted in the US Army aircorps in 47'.  Stationed at Lackland AFB, Boxed on Air Force boxing team, served 2 tours of duty as pilot in US Air Force. Retired Capt.

Moved to Chicago, where he met Shirley Hancock, they married in '56.  They moved to Owensboro in 1959 and are still married today after 55 years, with 4 children - Dennis, Pamela, Christopher, and Mark,  with 6 grandchildren-Charles IV, Nicole, Sara, Alex, David, and Joshua.

Ordained deacon at Bellevue Baptist Church in 65', still serves at Bellevue today as president of Senior Class.
The most important thing to him is his family.  He will close the store early to go see his grandchildren at an event.  His favorite sayings are '' family is the most important thing''  or ''family comes first'' .  

Charlie has not only ran 'Quality Motors', but owned Veterans Cab co, Ty s Truck stop and restaurant, Quality Rentals, US money exchange, Quality Trucking, an Insurance office, and many other partnerships in business. Charlie is also a local businessman having served as Advisory  Board member of Central Bank & Trust and Cardinal Federal Bank and Henderson Farmers Bank.  Also served on Armstrong Resources,  Kentucky Wesleyn University  and  Daviess-McLean  Assoc. Board .                                                                                   

Charlie grew up on a farm, but always admired his uncle who lived in Paducah Ky, where he built and owned the Paducah City Waterworks until '48. He was rich and had a Rolls Royce with a chauffeur . So 'young Charlie' grew up always wanting a Rolls Royce.  He succeeded, buying his first Rolls in 1975 and has driven one ever since.

Come by the store, Charlie will be glad to take time to show you his lastest Rolls Royce . lol

Mark Armstrong Bio:

Mark was born in '67, the youngest of four. Attended Daviess county high school, where he was an All State Basketball player.  Was appointed to the US Air Force Academy in '85.  Due to an injury was not able to complete the honor. He moved back to Owensboro and married Dana Holbrook in '90. They are still married with 2 children, Charles and Nicole.

Mark is a Freemason and Shriner, he has served locally driving underprivileged children from our area, to the Shriner s hospital in Lexington.  The Armstrong name has been involved with Masonry since the 13th century in Scotland,  and the Patriarch, Lord Charlemagne Armstrong I, 1237, a Crusade horseman from Annandale-Roswell Scotland.  Mark has gone to Scotland and researched his ancestry , and loves to tell of the 'Clan Armstrong' and the 3000 horseman of Edinburgh.              '' Vi et Armis invictus maneo''

He is a businessman now, not only at the car dealership, but manages property and farms in Louisville Ky,  Owensboro Ky , and  St Petersburg Fl for the Priddy Co and BYY enterprise.                          But his first Love is selling cars!

In 2005 Mark received the '' National congressional committee businessman of the year in Kentucky'' for joining a group of independent landowners in '04, developing an inner-city property in Louisville. Mark and his Uncle Will Priddy, were the last group to join with their properties.  This developement had taken 10 years to complete, is now known as the Yum Center basketball complex.  Mark received the award in Washington DC at an event that President George Bush attended. This deal was also in the Wall Street Journal 5/6/05 listing Armstrong .   Along with a few other concessions , they enjoy  season tickets at the  U of L basketball games. Go Cards !!

Mark worked with his dad all his life and it was no surprise when he took over. By 2005, he had sold 3 of the 4 dealerships and their construction company, The Priddy Co, in Louisville.  His office is at the dealership in Owensboro now. Mark and Charlie enjoy working together everyday.  Mark says he has ''Semi-retired'' until the children get out of school.  But, If you have a business or farm for sale, stop in and talk to them about it.

 Mark loves all outdoor sports, boating, fishing and hunting.  Anything that Flies, Floats or Drives Fast . '' I like my equipment fast enough to do something really stupid in''.  He has been a pilot since he was 16 years old and enjoys flying.

"50 years ago my family was known in Kentucky , only for Coal mining and farms. I am proud that my grandfather and his father were Independent Coal miners in Western Kentucky.  Today, I would like people to think of us, also , for affordable used cars and trucks at  ' Armstrong's Quality Motors '.              Come see me or Charlie."

   I give respect  to Charlies' sixty years of business experience.  It has given him wisdom that I may never attain , Dad is still the boss, no matter what"  lol.


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